malu mufasa.

mufasa recently was filmed in the movie " fatal honeymoon" as Tina watson's seal point siamese cat.

our first film star.







Piccolo tries to take his favourite teddy with him to play!



We often hear back from our kitten owners..........

It is lovely to hear that our kittens have all settled in to their new homes and are much loved.

here is a recent email from Dominique who owns " pickle" a lilac oriental


 " hey there Lynda
I have attached some recent pics of pickles! I would say he is a lot more dog/human like than a  cat, hehe. Everyday he is coming up with some new games for us to play with him..normally involving one of his favourite toys.. 3 rats from Ikea (we went and brought 5 back up rats incase the ones he has get lost . He is just such a beautiful intelligent boy. Very very very smart!!! he goes out in our backyard for walks on his leash and grazes on grass :). He is very vocal as well and lets us know exactly when he wants, attention :)
i have also uploaded a video we got of him tonight onto you tube . Its his latest game :) he is just ridiculous haha. cheers dom :D "









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